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Welcome To The Elite Wellness Center

Living your best life just got easier—The Elite Wellness Center, comprised of five wellness related companies under one roof created a one-stop-shop with you in mind. Whole-person centered is the true approach to wellness and bridging the gap on healthcare is what we’ve done to help our community live their best lives. In 2018, Dr. Migliara was in search pursuing her vision of a wellness center where like-minded professionals would come together to help heal the community and empower them both mentally and physically. This led her and a group of professionals to the doors of The Elite Wellness Center.  Since its inception, The Elite Wellness Center has evolved to include a circle of care for mental and physical services including CrossFit, Sports and Neuromuscular Massage, Nutrition, Mental Health, and Physical Therapy.

CrossFit Tailwinds – Founder Dr. Christina Migliara, LMFT, CCTP, MAC, CAP, CASAC, CF L2 Trainer, USAW-1 Coach.

TheraFit – Founder Dr. Christina Migliara, LMFT, CCTP, MAC, CAP, CASAC, CF L2 Trainer, USAW-1 Coach.

Energy Balance Performance – Sarah Boyd, LMT, CPT,

Infinite Nutrition – Christopher Wessler, Nutrition Specialist, CF L2Trainer, USAW-1, Precision Nutrition L1 Coach

PT Works – Dr. Stephanie Aubrey, DPT, PT

The Elite Wellness Center is a place where the families of Jacksonville come to heal their body and mind for optimal functioning in their daily lives. Your next Chapter awaits!

Helping people achieve their goals…one individual, couple and family at a time.

Relationships are complicated, and so too is the world around us which is why Dr. Migliara does not use a one-size-fits all approach to working with her clients. At Coastwise Mediation and Therapy, we offer Individual, Couple, Family Therapy, Family Mediation, and Collaborative Divorce Services. Whether you are struggling with addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders, relationships, communication,  or family issues, Dr. Migliara can help you take back your life. Your past does not define you, your new story begins today!


Our mission is to facilitate a healthier community by providing the highest quality coaching, programming and leadership. We are here to help you with goal setting, strength and fitness training and to support you while you achieve your best self.

The team at Energy Balance Performance specializes in keeping you functioning on all cylinders. Your goals are our goals and your accomplishments are a reflection of the quality of our work. We specialize in Pain Relief, Injury Prevention & Recovery, Postural Correction, Muscular Imbalances, Athletic Performance, Range of Motion and Flexibility, through Massage Therapy customized to your specific needs. Additionally, we offer goal setting and life style coaching making your success our main priority.

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Mission Statement

Investigate the individual’s habits, lifestyles, stressors, wants, needs, and desires to devise the best plan forward to initiate progress and ingrain lifelong habits for any and everyone.

*Core Values*

I/Ndividualize – No templates, no cookie cutter plans, and no group advice. Every program and plan will be unique to the individual.

I/Nstruct – Knowing is half the battle, and the more you know the more you will do. Clients will get the ”why” to all information they get so they are able to have the knowledge for a lifetime.

I/Ntegrate – No plan can be lifelong if it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle. Your plan and habits will be developed in a way that is conducive to your life and will not add steps to, or create obstacles, to your life.


PT Works provides skilled, hands-on physical therapy in a 1-on-1 setting, with your goals at the center. We pride ourselves on getting to the root of the problem and eliminating your pain, giving you the tools to continue to maintain gains and improve your strength, mobility, and confidence.